Sunday, September 21, 2008

Andy's post - There will be blood

Andy's post:

I hated this movie. All the boredom of a drama where nobody dies, all of the distaste of a film that glorifies the bad guy who you hate. The only solace I have in the film is that the oil baron will ultimately get his comeupins when the authorities look into the preacher's murder, and that the preacher himself got the ax.

It was a beautiful film, and I'm not surprised it earned best picture, but it had about as much entertaining value as "The Deer Hunter" or "Apocalypse Now." Sorry to all those of you who loved it. I'm not a worse person for having seen it, but I didn't see anything profound or interesting about the film, or at least nothing that comes to mind about which to comment. The acting was great, I guess.

I do really like movies, and I don't consider myself one of those people who feel like they have to hate all movies to have valuable opinions about them....

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Jason Pyles, Movie Critic said...


Somebody had to say it, Andy. I figured it would be you.

There were elements that I really appreciated about "There Will Be Blood," but all in all, I think it's been overrated.

And what you said about its entertainment value is spot on. I have no doubt that this film (particularly its runtime and ending) probably alienates a large majority of its viewers.