Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Delicatessen & Guffman, by Andy

Hi everybody. Nice choices for movies.

Delicatessen was fantastic. I was really sad about the professor when I found out he was an orangutan. I'm a terrible person in that sometimes I feel more for an animal's death than a human's. My favorite scene in the movie was the date where the butcher's daughter removes her glasses to try to be more appealing. The scene was comedic just for that reason, but also because the new tenant did not seem that appealing, and he had already seen her in glasses, so it begged the question of what was her point in losing the glasses to begin with.... By the way, what happens now? It's not as if the post-apocalyptic France will be any better once the butcher is gone. Right?

As for Guffman, I've liked everything that comedy troupe has done. "A Mighty Wind" is my favorite, although it's probably the least popular. I'm drawn to mockumentaries I guess (see also my love of "The Office"). I had not previously seen "Waiting for Guffman," so I experienced all of the funny moments for the first time for this week's assignment. I don't have much else to add, other than Eugene Levy is brilliant, and we had a look-a-like in our ward, right Jason? (a "ward" is a local LDS congregation, usually consisting of 200-500 members, for those who don't know).

As a side note, I love movies but I'm not a great writer. I hope my comments aren't "lame-ing" out the blog.... But thanks for suggesting such great movies everyone.


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Jason Pyles, Movie Critic said...


That date scene with the glasses girl was very Chaplin-esque, didn't you think? It reminded me so much of the old school comedy, back in the day with Charles and Buster Keaton. (By the way, don't you all just love Keaton's "The General"?) So yeah, that blind-as-a-bat glasses scene stands out and is well executed as lighter notes amid the darker, comedic symphony.

I've had my in-laws in town the past two weeks, so I'll be writing on "Guffman" this week.

And again, your comments pretty much MAKE this blog, Andy. Thanks for writing; otherwise, I'd have an even lower self-esteem.