Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Water - comments by Andy

Wow Barrett. What a fantastically depressing movie. Thanks for totally killing my buzz. What a stark difference between the young kids in "Water" and "Billy Elliot." I watched this with my wife, and, as usual, I fell asleep in the middle. I dozed off with the certainty that everything was going to be just fine; that Chuyia would break the mold that was the vicious cycle of making widows third-class citizens. Not so much.

I too thought this movie was the most brilliant, beautiful, well-acted, totally depressing movie I've ever seen. And now I'll try to forget it.

by Andy

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Jason Pyles, Movie Critic said...

Here's a question:

When I was in college, I was fascinated with the idea of a "life-changing movie," particularly whether such a thing exists.

Do you think a film like "Water" has the power to rectify what seems to obviously be a problem?

I think a film like this has the power to facilitate such changes, but I doubt that the film alone could bring about such change.

I believe films can open the eyes of revolutionaries, but films aren't revolutionaries themselves.