Saturday, February 14, 2009

Traffic, comments by Andy

I love the movie "Traffic," notwithstanding it's inaccuracies and absurdities. In my profession I deal with very many people who make decisions to forego long-term happiness and stability for immediate gratification; be it emotional, sexual, sensory, etc. Of the best examples of this "decision making" is my favorite scene in "Traffic", when Douglas's character's daughter is being ravaged by her drug dealer, and she's laying there (and so eloquently so) "in the bed she made," probably having given him only a modicum of consent at best. It just so aptly demonstrates the choices we sometimes make and the truth we give up for the lies we want so desperately to believe.

As for the absurdities; in the history of witness protection and gangsters, very few witnesses have ended up with "concrete boots" after they've been found out and are in custody of the government. I have long since believed that conspiracies involving more than two or three people are inevitably too complicated to actually work. And that being said, there would have to have been a deep conspiracy to kill the witness in the case, especially after the attempted assasination. First of all, a material witness in that kind of a case would never be paraded outside for the world to see. Secondly, the Judge would order testimony of the witness in the case on the record prior to the trial, so any sudden death would not prevent the trial. And secondly, poisoned eggs?

It was a great story nonetheless. It had an appropriate amount of fantasy and reality for me. Nice pick.

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