Saturday, January 22, 2011

"Monster Camp" as seen by Andy

What to write about "Monster Camp"... It's tough because what makes "Monster Camp" interesting is the oddity of the people it portrays, and yet, somehow, by the end of the film, I feel almost overwhelmed by my feeling of improper voyeurism. Does that make any sense at all?

"Monster Camp" is a documentary about the Seattle chapter of NERO. NERO is live-action role playing; Dungeons and Dragons, but acted out in real life. It's the guys (adults) with swords in the park dressed up like medieval sorcerers and elves hitting each other with wooden swords and shields.

It honestly felt like I was sneaking a look at someone's deep dark secret, and I was a little ashamed of the dispersions I cast while watching the show. It gave me some amount of unfounded and unfair esteem that I was not, nor had I ever, been involved in that sort-of thing; that I wasn't THAT weird. But in reality, I probably am. We are all weird in our own ways, right? I drive all over the country collection National Park stamps, and some days are ridiculously rigid and stressful, yet I'm supposed to be on vacation. I have a few subjects where I know WAY TOO MUCH information. But still...I don't pretend-hit other people with sticks.

Fascinating documentary though. Brilliant, actually. I guess it may have fallen in their laps, but the story telling of the characters was excellent. It wasn't simply a documentary about some odd adults who dress up and play fight with swords. They were real people who were having a lot of fun together, and somehow having serious drama about their person struggles and interpersonal relationships.

Wow. If you thought he characters in "King of Kong" were fascinating, check this one out...

thoughts by Andy

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