Friday, March 4, 2011

"The Fall" - Andy watched it

I think I recommended this one for the blog. "The Fall" is interesting to say the least. It's a very cool, bright, colorful, expose into the imagination of a child, and the love of a suicidal actor.

Um....what else is there to say about "The Fall"? I wish I was actually a writer. I am not. I even have to write for my profession and I'm not very good at it. I've had a pretty good idea for a screenplay for over a year and I can't seem to finish up a first draft. I hate writing. My dislike for writing is the opposite of Tarsem Singh's love for movies. He loves movies, loves the production of movies, and loves epics.

He's like Stanley Kaufman (see Synedoche, NY). Unfortunately, for the Kaufman's and Singh's of the world, we are a fickle movie-going public. Epics are tough. They are expensive, long, complicated, deep, and, unfortunately, boring to most people. And you know what, even "critics" and "movie lovers" get bored in films. I get bored. But, and I say this with some amount of esteem, I can watch and even enjoy boring films.

"The Fall" is not so much boring as it is long and slow (and a little bit boring)... Ok, it drags, but it's simultaneously super fascinating.

And the This is probably the most colorful film I've ever seen. The production values are incredible, and the bluray transfer is fabulous. Acting - superb. Directing - excellent. Movie - great, but too long. And, as far as a money making adventure, it was a flop. I don't think it appealed to any particular audience. It's clearly shot with a child's bright perspective, but the length and material were well above a child's grasp.

Anyway, that's all I have to say about that...


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