Friday, August 1, 2008

Fargo - Coen Brothers at their finest

"Oh My! He's fleeing the interview!" It's brilliant lines like this - one after the other - that just make the characters as rich as they get in moviedom. Andy and I watched this together and were commenting all along the way... about it's brilliance.

I mentioned that you know the directing and acting are superb when for example the scene where Marge and her old high school friend are having lunch and you literally feel as awkward as they do!

I've often wondered if Joel Coen knew Francis McDormand would be perfect as Marge because he is married to her (and had been for 12 years prior to making this film) or if he had her try the role out to make sure :)

Every character is this film is so well cast, that by this point you cannot imagine anyone else playing them.

Not being a film critic myself (other than my own usual meandering insights) there is not much more to say about this movie other than it is one of the most engaging character studies I have ever seen. Not to mention a primer on how not to conduct a kidnapping!

I think my favorite point is how most outsiders would dismiss Marge as bumbling mom-to-be and yet her keen insights and gut instinct help her solve what could easily have been an unsolved mystery.

If only more movies were this perfectly written, directed and acted.


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