Sunday, August 17, 2008

Perhaps Travis Was Right ...

Well, maybe Travis and Andrew had a point: Maybe we should try a two-week rotation for each movie, as opposed to just one week. We hardly had any comments on "Dancer in the Dark," and it's quite discussion-worthy. And this last week, I was the only one who commented on "Sunrise." In fact, even those two films' "recommenders" didn't have a chance to comment yet.

Besides, I didn't read where anyone else wanted to keep it on a weekly rotation. So, I'll humble my over-zealous self and see if an extra week helps. Maybe no one had anything to say about the last two films, but I doubt that.

And I know what you mean: I'm pretty busy, too, working two jobs, a kid, lawn care, etc. It was even tough for me to watch and comment on "Sunrise" before today. So, whenever you get a chance, enjoy "Dancer in the Dark" and "Sunrise." The latter is available for your viewing pleasure two posts back.

Thanks again for your useful suggestions. You all are the best.


Casey Hicks said...

Hey, Jason. My wireless connection has been hopelessly cutting out all weekend, which has left me incapable of watching Sunrise. It should be sorted out in the next day or so, so hopefully I can get something written up soon!

Jason Pyles, Movie Critic said...

No problem, Casey. I understand Wireless problems, believe me. ... I hope this post didn't seem mopey or martyr-ish. I'm just a writin'-'bout-film fool!

Grabloid said...

Hey, cool...I agree. I'm still totally up for this blog, I'll be posting with full power soon. It's just that I've recently been crazy busy with working on our documentary film...editing/capturing footage take a long long time.

I think that this will help my involvement quite a bit.

Anonymous said...

I'm back !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well, I actually am the furthest away from all of you. But I'll start watching tomorrow.