Sunday, August 2, 2009

Malibu's Most Wanted, by Andy

This was a terrible movie, and maybe it was because so many of the others have been so bad, but I didn't hate it. I like Jamie Kennedy. I think the premise of the movie was funny, and other than the gangster arc juxtaposing the political arc, I thought the movie was a logical choice to make.

The biggest criticism I have of the movie is of Kennedy's character. I buy that there are kids in Malibu who think they are gangsters but that live in million dollar homes and drive around hummers. Those kids exist, I think. But those kids in some small way do gangster stuff. They pick on other people, do drugs, own guns, etc. We are meant to believe that Kennedy's character was all gangster, except that he didn't actually do anything gangster-ish. And neither did his friends. It's too much.

I did like some of the acting in the movie. I though Kennedy did a good job with the character he played, and I also thought that Taye Diggs and Anthony Anderson played very believable Hollywood actors turned pretend gangster.

by Andy

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jjp said...

Been a really long time since I have seen it, but what about a review of "The Stuff"?