Sunday, August 2, 2009

Shark Attack 3: Megalodon by Andy

I'm sort of ashamed to say, but I think I saw the original Megalodon movie. It was a huge shark that they couldn't contain in a net or something. It was equally as stupid. And I'm guessing that the "scientists" from that movie didn't tell the scientists from this movie that Megalodons were still alive. Shame too. So many lives lost.

This movie was soooo bad... The producers obviously tried to follow a common pattern, but their plot and dialog was just laughable. The actors were good-looking enough I guess, but the words that actually came out of their mouths were just ridiculous.

Here's the major problem with the movie - terrible special effects. To pull off what was essentially a 60 ft great white, they took stock footage of a much smaller great white and then just did a little photo shop to put in the people, boats, and whatever else the fish decided to eat. And it ate a lot towards the end. The shark was so incredibly large compared to the stuff it ate I started to laugh mid-munching. It ate a full speed boat and a jetski. Right. A 60 foot fish eats a 16 foot motor boat (which is a very small motor boat) in one gulp. Sure, if by 60 foot you mean 200+ foot. And a 200 foot shark would have been fine if they'd spent all of their money and had at least one decent graphic. In my church group the kids make movies every year and I've seen 15 year olds put together better special effects!

Anyway, I want my hour and a half back.

by Andy

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