Sunday, October 18, 2009

"In Bruges with the Brothers Bloom" thoughts by Andy

Can someone tell me - are the Bloom Brothers, as the title suggests, given the last name of Bloom? If so, is Brody's character Bloom Bloom? If not, why is the movie called "The Brothers Bloom?" This is just one of the many things that bothered me about the movie. And I really tried to think it was masterful; as Jason wrote, I really liked Rian Johnson's movie "Brick."

"The Brothers Bloom" was a fun movie. I liked it just fine. I didn't think it was super intelligent though, as I did "Brick." The dialog was excellent, but the story was kind of stupid and unbelievable. There were a handful of really ridiculous assumptions that I was asked to make to believe the film that I just couldn't accept. First - if Penelope is so incredibly talented at so many different things, why does she keep crashing her Lamborghini into stuff? You'd think she could learn how to drive a stick if she can juggle chainsaws on a unicycle and flip-kick a skateboard. It seems her character development was flawed. I accept that she was eccentric, but was she an idiot-savant, stupid, or gifted and driven?

Next - if Boom Boom was such a great demo expert, how does she leave a brick of nitro in a backpack? And exactly how did Penelope talk herself out of trouble with the Po Po? Then, why did Stephen use the one-eyed Russian if there was such bad blood? And who gets shot in the side (a mortal wound I might add), and then leaps to his feet and pretends it was all part of a "con?"

I love crime capers, con men stories, and all sorts of thieving yarns, but I just saw too many plot problems with this movie. Come on Rian ---- these were fairly simple fixes too.

On to "In Bruges." I confess, my main motivation for watching this film a few months ago was to see Bruges before traveling there to see it for myself. It's an exceptionally well preserved medieval town in Belgium, and I can't believe I'd never heard of it before this movie came out.

The highlights of "In Bruges" would all have to be focused on the exceptionally funny and witty dialog of Ray. I am not a huge fan of Colin Farrell, and not for reasons that you'd think (my wife doesn't care for him either, so it's not that reason). I really just haven't felt inspired by any movies he's been in. I always assumed he got his roles based on his looks (he is plenty handsome), and his prominent movies are totally forgettable - "The Recruit," "Phonebooth," and "Swat." This movies was different. His character was incredibly funny, and his lines were intricut and his timing perfect. As much fun as he pokes at Bruges, I wonder if the city officials regretted allowing the project access to the city....

My complaint of the movie is simply this - can't we do some more killing already???? Don't give me an assassin movie where a total of four people die. I want to see some skill - necks slit open, .22 shots through pillows with people sleeping unawares next door, chloraformed guards and black ninja suits. Don't give me freaking scenes of Bruges... Where's the blood?

The assignment from the boss man (who can actually write worth a damn, unlike me), was more of a comparison/contrast of these two films.

Here goes - both crime capers had decent dialog, but "In Bruges" was much better. Both had plot problems, but for totally different reasons. "In Bruges" was far too simple, and slow, and "The Brothers Bloom" was too complicated and unrealistic. Somewhere in the middle would be better for both films.

comments by Andy

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