Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sometimes a Vamp's got to feed...

Wow. What a fantastic movie!!!! I watched it in Swedish with English subtitles, which didn't make my little brother too happy, but I liked hearing the acting. And it was superb.

I wasn't as upset about the cat scene as Jason was. I always root for the cats...and seeing several felines attacking the crap out of a new vamp was awesome. I enjoyed the movie for the story, not necessarily the effects. They obviously weren't trying to hard to make it a slasher flick as evidenced by the fact that the "father" obscured the victim when he slit his throat.

But sometimes it pays to have a vamp friend. I tend to root for the underdog, and seeing the bullies get their come-upins makes my heart warm all over. I had to watch the pool scene a couple of times to see if the fat kid got his too, but it looks as though he did not. I didn't see any blood, and I think he was moving. Too bad.

I think Jason covered everything else, but I loved the obvious perpetuation of the story. How many humans does a vamp go through before someone puts a stake in its heart? That was the intriguing part of the story for me: realizing at the end that the "father" started out just like Oskar. I wonder if Oskar knew it? I doubt it, although he picked up on Eli vampireness right away, so he's not a total lush.

thoughts by Andy

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