Thursday, October 29, 2009

"The Son" comments by Andy

I've got to say, with all-due respect and deference to my distinguished colleague Jason, this was a great movie, and I wouldn't change anything about it. I will say that I approached the film with the huge benefit of having read Jason's review, and it certainly made it more tolerable than it would have been otherwise. It was nice to know ahead of time that the film would be slow and simple. I am proud to say it only took me two sessions to finish the film. You watch the film as though you were a fly on the wall, not listening to someone tell a story.

"The Son" is easily the most "real" film I've ever seen. My wife (Shawn) and I discussed this film in depth and I think we agree. There was nothing contrived about the film. Most films require complex dialogue, plot twists, and quick edits to keep us entertained and the story believable and tolerable. And frankly I'm glad that not every film is like "The Son" because films would be arduous to watch and not fun. But every once in a while, watching a "real" film is just what I need. "The Son" was such a movie.

Where I think Jason and I disagree is on the fundamental construction of the movie. Yes, you could tell the same story in about 30 minutes, but I think it is the length of the shots and the slow pace of the story that makes the film so believable. The story had a very realistic intensity that could not be sustained if the shots were not so long.

And, at the end, I appreciated the absolute simplicity of the story. I know we give spoiler alerts, but for the sake of not ruining anyone else's film viewing, I won't discuss the issue of the movie, but I loved it. It is true drama. It touched a cord with me like few movies have.

"The Son"'s beauty is in it's understatement and simplicity. I wouldn't change a thing.

comments by Andy

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