Wednesday, June 9, 2010

"Hukkle" as watched by Andy

I know that we've discussed this before on this blog, but here again is a perfect example of how some artsy independent films can alienate viewers. In the same way that many pieces of modern art have symbolism and meaning that are lost on the general public, so too will "Hukkle" find few viewers who will watch the entire film and then have anything intelligent to say.

I'm really trying to be better and more sophisticated about films and criticism of such films, but I don't understand what "Hukkle" is all about.

Let me see if I can save everyone 75 minutes of their lives and describe "Hukkle." The film is a plotless expose on life in a poor Hungarian town. It is shot as several random closeups, panning shots, and other artsy cinemtographically interesting shots. The subject of the shots are generally people doing random things: from working, to eating, sitting, watching, walking, conversing, etc. There are several animals film in what appears to be natural habitat. And there's one guy who hiccups who is in several parts of movie sitting on a bench. That's about it. There is hardly any dialogue.

Who recommended this movie, and why? I would really love to hear some comments from someone who can explain what I a missing. I had to pop in "Pirates of the Caribbean" just so I could get back to normal.

Ok, maybe I was just too tired from staying up late the night before with Jason watching all three "Back to the Future" movies, but I really didn't get it. I guess I realized towards the end that there was something to the ladies, the liquids, and something about the cop, but it was largely over my head. Wikipedia does a good job of explaining the plot, so I won't get into it, but check it out for a total rebuttal of my "plotless" comment. I guess I'm just not astute enough at all things filmic to understand "Hukkle." Good luck to you if you give it a go.

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Anonymous said...

It is from the first shot annoying to see someone so happy with a state many find extremely irritating. Relentless hiccups. Everything, every life throughout the movie living and sounding and ultimately dying, getting eating, the policeman seemingly trying to stop this cycle, or part of it, and this old man just smiling at his hiccups with the sound of dying life growing louder through the speakers. It is an extremely unnerving and strong experience.