Monday, June 7, 2010

"The Puffy Chair" as seen by Andy

Hmm...."The Puffy Chair" is, to me, a perfect example of why most people are going to have a difficult time with indy films. Let me say at the outset that I am getting better and enjoying bizarre films, but every so often I run into a film that I didn't really enjoy, and that I don't get.

Here's what I don't understand about "The Puffy Chair": what's the point? I just didn't really get it. I get that the film has very little to do about a chair, but what it does seem to be about, i.e. relationships and tension, doesn't seem to make any sense, have any resolve, or have any particular point.

What the film ends up being to me is a very long, obvious, yet arduous breakup. And I didn't really care for either character. Emily's character, who I believe is probably the most compassionate, is very emotional, irritating, and quite erratic. One moment she is wanting "Schmoopy talk," and the next she is hysterically destructive. And Josh is even worse. He treats Emily like crap, doesn't give her the attention she clearly needs, and ultimately passive-aggressively convinces her to break up with him.

Frankly, the only thing I enjoyed about the movie's script was that they did end up breaking up for good.

As for the rest of the film, I quite enjoyed the production values, and I thought the acting was superb.

It's a tough one though if you are looking for an entertaining film.

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