Sunday, June 6, 2010

"Troll 2" as reviewed by Andy

WOW!!! Seriously folks, for all seven of our readers, if you watch any of the movies that we review, watch "Troll 2" and "Best Worst Movie." Watch in that order. Friends have suggested that you don't necessarily need to watch "Troll 2" before watching "Best Worst Movie," the idea being that you wouldn't have to endure the 90 minutes of the original movie. I disagree. I don't think you can appreciate the phenomenon that "Best Worst Movie" captures without having agonized through the entire thing.

I don't really know what to say other than it might be the epitome of bad films. We've watched several now for our blog, and this one might be the most entertaining. It's great. Several prestigious film lists agree. See imdb and wiki for lists of the worst films that include "Troll 2," "Plan 9 from Outerspace," and "The Room," to name a few that we've seen. And again, as we've discussed before, a film's badness can actually be a good thing, and can make a film watchable. I.e., I will never again see "Master of Disguise" or "The Forbidden Kingdom," but I would watch "Plan 9" and "Troll 2" again, even though the later are far worse than the former.

What I think is remarkable about the film is not how bad it is (and it is VERY BAD), but how some of the participants have continued in their denial about how terrible the show actually is. That's the essence of "Best Worst Movie." It is incomprehensible to me that the director could possibly blame anyone other than himself for the terrible qualities of the film. Yet he steals the show ("Best Worst Movie") with his unintelligible defense of the film. I honestly can do justice here describing this further, so just watch it. It's absolutely brilliant.

Anyway, see it with some friends and be come a Nilbog-ian. And share in the neurosis.

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